A Workshop in Gothenburg

I was very fortunate to attend an amazing workshop with photographer Mikkel Vang, (hosted by Ritchie Ace Camps), in Gothenburg Sweden back at the beginning of June (where does the time go!). I have been an admirer of Mikkels photography for a long time, especially the way he uses light in whatever he photographs be it food, people or interiors, so I was extremely excited to learn from him.

As part of the workshop we had to create a travel story that showed our Gothenburg. Gothenburg is a city situated on the west coast of Sweden and, it has become on of my favourite places, with its quaint canals, cobbled streets and open green spaces. It was the European summer when I visited, so the streets were filled with vendors selling fresh homemade foods and students dancing and celebrating the end of their studies. The city had an amazing and vibrant feeling to it and I cannot wait to return and spend more time exploring the city and Sweden.